Until the mid nineties Base Business Park was an American air base, home to A-10 ‘tank busting’ aircraft. Part of the base remained a high security area. However, the British public were frequently allowed access to enjoy the USAF’s hospitality at air shows and other events.

During the American occupation of Bentwaters myth has it that a UFO landed in Rendlesham forest adjoining the Base, leaving a large circular swathe of cut and burnt trees and heath! The notorious “Rendlesham UFO” has continued to attract many followers –  both the believers and the sceptics!

After the end of the cold war, Base became redundant militarily and was decommisioned in 1993 and following privatisation by the MOD, the site was purchased by a company who submitted a planning proposal to service commercial aircraft. Their application was refused, and in 2004 Stansall Properties Ltd purchased an area of the site.

Stansall immediately embarked on a programme of improvement aimed at refurbishing the buildings, re-surfacing some roadways, and generally upgrading the Park infrastructure.

In 2011, the company installed 417Kw solar panels on the roofs of all suitable buildings, allowing both the use of green electricity by tenants, and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Stansall Properties continue to improve and develop Base Business Park as a business and industrial location fit for the 21st century.

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